Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Elena G, Moscow, Russia

I'll start by saying that after reading testimonies of the others I have no doubt that all of them (and not only) prove that father Oleg is filled with the Holy Spirit. I did not come to this conclusion immediately even though I am a frequent visitor of this site. I am like a traveler who walks through a desert and at the very end of his way sees a well with water but can't believe his own eyes, thinking it is a mirage. I thought it could not happen in our lives. My testimony will probably be not as impressive as others, and the only witness is the Lord. But I can't keep quiet about it since the truth for me is more important.

My husband and I were not able to conceive and the doctors said we never would. After that diagnosis I gave up and hoped only for God and His will. Almost every evening I was crying and praying to God to forgive me. Once I was told I'd meet a messenger from God and I even knew his name. I did not pay a due significance since the name was unfamiliar to me. Now, after so many years, I realize why it was not a human name and not the father's name. Otherwise I would try to find a messenger in everyone named Oleg. I started searching: I read the New Testament, then the Old Testament (in Russian), but could not find this name anywhere. That word meant "Angel", as I found it in the works of St. Ephraim the Syrian (printed in Church Slavonic language). Soon after that God sent us a baby and I forgot this story.

But the Lord reminded me about it. Shortly before I found the site of father Oleg, I read in the Gospels: "Come with me and I will show you more wondrous things" (I am not sure if it sounded exactly like that but that was the meaning). It made me very happy despite that tears were pouring from my eyes. These words drove strait to my heart. In such moments you realize that it is written for you. Despite the above mentioned I was still thinking for some time whether I should go to the Moscow Patriarchate or not.

I do not know why but it seems that people (and I am among them) need grief and sorrow before they start understanding anything. And they always want a miracle. But we don't understand that the Lord sends these miracles through pain and sorrow. Suddenly I became seriously ill, I could not go anywhere, sometimes could not even get out of the bed. My relatives wanted to send me to a hospital because they were scared for my life, but I decided that if I had to die I wanted to die at home. I decided to get baptized. I wrote a very harsh letter to father Oleg requesting to baptize me immediately. I am so sorry, father Oleg! He refused (his letter was like a cold shower for an alcoholic). Then I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I confessed. And my illness left me as unexpectedly as it started, thanks to the prayers of father Oleg. Now I realize that the sickness was sent to me for doubts and mistrust to the words of father Oleg. I realized that father Oleg was the one who was promised to me by God ? the teacher, the mentor, and the like-minded person whom I had been waiting for so many years.

But a bigger miracle was still to come. Father blessed me for the Baptism and I got baptized in the beginning of November. I did not deserve such a present. Father Oleg, you are not from this world because you respond with kindness to evilness.

Servant of God Elena

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