Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

The Preaching of Universal Repentance - Father Oleg Molenko -
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Testimony of servant of God Elijah G, Ufa, Russia

How to break my ever-weighting and strangling shackles of sin? The feelings of hopelessness and desperation considerably intensified my weekly headaches which had lasted several years. The discovered sickness could have caused permanent consequences in my brain and in my cardiovascular system.

The water baptism into the present Orthodoxy (The Moscow Patriarchate) didn't have much effect. In my addresses to God I was more rarely having graceful feelings in temples (the feelings were there, it seems, by the converting grace). Prayer, so precious to man, was rather tiresome than comforting... I had been haunted by exhausting nightmares in my fine dreams, dreams, which continued and, moreover, worsened. That was desperate not because of the lack knowledge but because of human infirmity.

Desperation here is a sin, too, for the merciful Lord is miraculous in His holy deeds. He reached out to me a hand of help by introducing me to father Oleg. What a gift, what an opportunity of repentance to a holy father! And I, a sinful one, am unworthy of such a gift. It's impossible to overstress the joy and the helpfulness of fellowship with Father Oleg.

I remember when I first asked Father Oleg for help. It was directly related to my distressful visions. And that nightmare was gone. All of it is amazing. Confession to Father Oleg doesn't leave you with painful memories of sins, for the true Orthodox sacrament also includes the healing of both soul and body.

But how much pain there was before my first confession. As I found out, I had had wrong ideas about the Church's sacraments. They are great and awesome. I had weekly paroxysms for two to three days - and now they are gone.

Contradictions and questions which used to bring confusion into the very depths of my soul, taking away peace and health, are now dealt with by graceful prayers and teachings of Father Oleg.

We receive the grace of the Holy Spirit by the invaluable help of Father Oleg, which is the most precious attainment in a man's life. There is so much to say about many graceful things while praising the works of our Lord Jesus Christ in His glorious pleasers.

Servant of God Elijah

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