Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Natalia Kh, Canada

I was supposed to undergo a surgery which had been postponed without end during almost six months for different reasons. Eventually, there appeared a thrombus in my leg because of all the medicine I had been taking. I had had two blood transfusions because I had a very low level of hemoglobin. And then this thrombus. Doctors decided to apply a special device to capture the thrombus which is catheterized either through the main vein or the artery, which I don't remember now. I was told that there was nothing to fear because the device was very up-to-date and that I was even the one who it was even going to be tested on. What was to be done? I agreed. I asked for Father Oleg's blessing upon the surgery and upon the device.

They did another ultra sound before installing the device in order to see what the thrombus' status was. It was no longer there, it was gone. I told this to Father Oleg and he said that he had just prayed for me that the thrombus would just go.

Servant of God, Natalia

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