Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Roman M, USA

To the Glory of God I'd like to share my testimony. Fr.Oleg is my spiritual father. The Orthodox Church teaches us that we should receive a blessing for everything we do. Moreover if the Lord blessed you to have a spiritual father you can bravely start anything.

Not so long ago I decided to refinance my car loan, i.e. to decrease the interest rate. Being of a little faith I thought I'd do fine without Fr.Oleg's blessing. So I filled in all necessary forms and soon received a letter that my credit was approved and I had to come to the office to sign all necessary documents. I told the news to my wife. She asked if I had received Fr.Oleg's blessing for that. I said I did not. She advised I should definitely ask for a blessing. I said that almost everything had been done and there was nothing to worry about.

Next morning I went to the office. I was surprised to see a lot of people at the entrance. Then I found out that all of the computers were down with no reason and I would not be able to sign the documents that day. One of the clerks promised to call me as soon as everything would be fine. Next day I got a phone call at work that I could come and sign the contract. I called my wife and said that I was going to the office to sign the papers in one hour. She asked again if I took a blessing from Fr.Oleg. I said I did not and thought that nothing could stop me this time.

One hour later I was ready to go to the office. I came to my car and got a phone call that all the computers were down again.

Then I realized that God wants to show and teach me something. I immediately called to Fr.Oleg and received his blessing. 10 minutes later I got another phone call from the office that everything was fine. That time everything went smoothly and I was able to sign all necessary documents. Moreover I received a better interest rate than I was promised.

Glory to God for His patience in teaching me, His guilty servant of little faith.

Servant of God Roman

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