Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

The Preaching of Universal Repentance - Father Oleg Molenko -
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Testimony of servant of God Sergiy B, Ramenskoe, Russia

There are certain events happening in the lives of each person, which characterize their current spiritual condition. I had such moments also when I was still a parishioner of MP and was communicating with its priests. This is what happened to me. God allowed me to see the devil twice in his distinct physical form.

Both times it happened when I was asleep. For the first time I felt that there was someone else in the room besides me. I was laying in the bed with my back turned towards the door, I turned over and saw a creature within arm's length, which was standing on the floor and looking at me with a deep penetrating look. That creature was nothing else but the devil with horns and standing approx. 1 meter tall. A panic of horror and revulsion sweep over me when I saw him. I started screaming (as if I was being killed) and hitting the door with the back of my hand. The apparition vanished abruptly. My father, coming home late, heard my screams of terror while he was still in the elevator outside our apartment as well as I suppose all of our neighbors.

Some time later, again at night, I woke up because I felt uncomfortable - I normally sleep on my side but this time I was laying on my back. There is no need to describe what I saw because again the feeling of revulsion came over me as I stared at the same creature as before... It immediately ran away from me in a matter of seconds but my horror was so great that I screamed in my bed and jumped out and stood trembling in the doorframe. My horror was so great that I was close to real physical death. I must confess that people rarely believe me when I relate my story of the two incidents.

After I learned about and studied most of the materials contained there, I left MP and stopped all relations with them. My point of view became opposed in every matter with what MP is teaching.

I never saw the daemon again after I started talking about my spiritual needs with Fr.Oleg and he started praying for me. This is quite reasonable for me because my own prayers on this and many other matters were never previously answered.

I have no doubts that Fr.Oleg is a true priest sent from God, who devotes himself to serving The Lord and preaching to the people for repentance.

God save him!

Servant of God Sergiy

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